Health & Safety


The Policy of WCL is to eliminate all accidents and injuries to our workers by hiring properly qualified workers and providing the best available supervision, as well as by providing all our workers with a comprehensive safety program that will be continually upgraded and improved. We are committed to an accident-free workplace by not only providing a safe working environment for our employees, but also by being continually aware of the hazards of our industry that co-workers may be exposed to.

It is also our policy to provide the ultimate in safety training for our workers. This will include the continual upgrading of their skills and appropriate training to emphasize the critical importance of all their safety practices.

Our company’s safety policy is to work toward a zero accident rate. In pursuit of this goal, our company’s policy is that management, supervisors, and workers share the responsibility of attaining that goal through strict adherence to the policies and regulations.

We are also committed to protection and safety of the general public, and to the protection of the environment.