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The type of work WCL Group offers is physically demanding and involves long hours, the ability to climb, walk on unsteady ground, lift 50lbs, and clearly hear orders given to you by your supervisor during safety meetings in a noisy environment. Are you aware of anything in your circumstance that would cause you to not be able to carry out the duties that you understand of the positions you are applying for?

I authorize WCL Group to make inquiries of all my past employers, Educational institutions and references concerning my prior employment, the Verification of my educational background, and personal character. I further authorize all past employers, educational institutions and all other individuals providing references to respond to verbal and written inquiries from WCL Group regarding my past employment, the verification of my educational background, and personal character. I hereby release all such persons from any liability and damages incurred as a result of furnishing this information. I understand that with respect to Privacy Legislation I will not have access to the information provided by my past employers, educational institutions and references. In the event that WCL Group chooses to hire me, the information collected will be in a sealed envelope contained in my personal file and I will not be granted access to it. If WCL Group chooses not to hire me, the information will be destroyed. I certify that all the information contained in the application is correct. I understand that if I am hired and it is found that this document contains false information that it may result in my immediate dismissal.

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