About Us


February 1996

The management team of WCL have a combined total of over 100 years in the construction industry. Most of these years have been in the Heavy Industrial Construction and Commercial areas of the trade. Before incorporating the company in 1996, they worked and ran major projects for many large construction companies.

The company was founded and operates on providing excellent workmanship under a strict safe work practice environment. The Company is, and has always been, avidly involved in hiring and following through with trade apprenticeships. We are extremely proud of our fully qualified and trained employees. All of our staff take great pride in all aspects of their work, right down to the smallest detail. We are extra proud of their safe work practice which has gained us extra respect from our customers.

WCL crews are among the most qualified, motivated and committed people in the industry. Continuing to provide the safest construction environments and well-managed workplaces.